IPv6 & Business – Any Connection?

What does business have to do with IPv6 – isn’t IPv6 just a technical protocol upgrade? Isn’t the only reason to implement IPv6 the impending IPv4 exhaustion issue?

Well not in my book!

If IPv6 is just a technical upgrade Рwithout any benefit to a business Рthen, to the manager of that business, IPv6 is just a cost without a benefit. Why would any manager approve implementing such an upgrade?

Luckily, this is not the case. However, you would not know that by looking at the IPv6 discussions that are appearing in the technical and networking world.

In this blog I’ll be raising the business case for IPv6. I’ll specifically be focussing on two aspects:

  • the costs reductions available through IPv6, and
  • the new business models made possible by IPv6

Notice: No mention of IPv4 exhaustion! I’ll look forward to your own contributions and to your critiques of my arguments.

It’s time to get to down to business or as my colleague George puts it… enough 4 play now for some real 6!

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