The RIPE IPv4 Countdown

In an earlier post I mentioned the contrast between the Chinese government’s major financial support for transition from IPv4 to IPv6, compared to the more casual approach of the West. I guess the urgency of adoption depends upon how much spare IPv4 space each economy has, and China has very little.

But no-one has room for complacency. ICANN reached IPv4 exhaustion in February 2011, and here in the Asia Pacific region, APNIC ran out of spare IPv4 address space in April 2011, much earlier than predicted, due to a last-minute rush. The North American address allocator, ARIN, is expected to be down to its last spare IPv4 block by February 2013 – that’s, oh, a whole seven months away.

The one to watch now is RIPE-NCC (Europe), due to reach IPv4 exhaustion in late July 2012 – this month! Does RIPE have some spare addresses up its sleeve or will it suffer a last-minute land-grab like APNIC? Keep an eye on the countdown with our dynamic link to Inetcore’s regional registry IPv4 exhaustion counter.


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