Shy Providers and IPv6

About six years ago I did an IPv6 survey for the IPv6 for e-Business Project. Part of that was a list of the IPv6 prefixes allocated at the time to Australian companies – there were 19 prefixes, with only 6 of those visible in the global routing tables. Recently (22 Aug 2012) I had another look at the APNIC IPv6 prefixes for Australia, on the excellent SixXS Ghost Route Hunter … Continue reading

Experts, ISPs and IPv6

Experts are experts for a reason. They spend their lives thinking, experimenting, implementing, while the rest of us are watching Big Brother. Suppose little Johnny has a forty-degree temperature, is foaming at the mouth and covered in green lumps, and the doctor says, ‘Well, would you like me to use flucloxacillin or phenoxymethylpenicillin? It’s up to you.’ You’d say, ‘Are you nuts? You’re the doctor – just fix little Johnny.’ … Continue reading

IPv6 Adoption and the Chasm

In IPv6 Market Has Liftoff – Now the Hard Part Begins, Bruce Sinclair, CEO of gogo6, looks at some of the results presented on 31 July at IETF 84, which led to enthusiastic headlines about ‘skyrocketing’ IPv6. (Ahem. This blog forecast IPv6 Growth Goes Exponential on 26 July.) Sinclair takes a valuable look at the results in the light of the technology adoption cycle, and asks “Does the ‘skyrocketing’ trajectory … Continue reading

The IPv4 Exhaustion Wormhole

I’m starting to wonder if IPv4 exhaustion has opened a wormhole plunging us all back to 2008 again. Australian researchers have begun collating information from networks across the world in an attempt to figure out how many usable blocks of Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses remain unused. This would have been a good wake-up call project in 2008. ┬áThe study had already verified a couple of hundred million IP … Continue reading

IPv6 Meets the 800-Pound Gorillas

What do 800-pound gorillas do? Whatever they damn well please. The last few days I’ve been puzzling over how on earth the Internet Society (ISOC) achieved what it’s done for IPv6 in the last two years. Internet Society? They’re the do-gooders who ‘strive to make the world a better place’ by connecting and collaborating and advocating that the Internet is for everyone. Bunch of tragic hippies – right? Well, no. … Continue reading