Dwindling IPv4 & the IPv6 Summit

Earlier this year I pointed out the rapidly approaching deadline for European exhaustion of new IPv4 addresses. At the time the deadline was the end of July, but due to address recovery measures it was pushed out to October. But yesterday, 14 September 2012, RIPE-NCC announced it’s hit the “final /8” of IPv4 addresses.

This means it’s no longer possible to get new IPv4 addresses in Europe, the former USSR, or the Middle East, apart from single small allocations of 1024 IPv4 addresses. Here’s RIPE’s announcement, which states: It is now imperative that all stakeholders deploy IPv6 on their networks to ensure the continuity of their online operations and the future growth of the Internet.

The next Big One – the really Big One – is when the North American registry ARIN hits its own “final /8”. The current estimate is August 2013 – see the counter on the 6Now Help page. That’s less than one year from now …

So here’s an outright plug for something useful – the annual Australian IPv6 Summit, 17-19 October 2012. The conference is on the 17-18th, and optional workshops on ‘IPv6 Security’ and ‘Building an IPv6 Network from the Ground Up’ are on Friday 19 October. Note – Early Bird fees end on Friday, 21 September.

This is the only IPv6 conference in Australia. Browse through the list of Summits held since 2005 to get an idea of the quality of speakers, Australian and international. Then have another read of the quote above about ‘continuity of online operations‘, do yourself a favour and come along.

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