Quick and Not-Too-Dirty IPv6

If there was a single take-away message from the 2012 Australian IPv6 Summit it was “IPv6 is all over your networks, right now”. I’d add: “…and people are using it to get what they want, right now.” Earlier this year I wrote Slow IPv4 Spurs IPv6 Alternative after discovering massive numbers of downloads of the gogo6 tunnel client from our site by people who were sick of slow YouTube delivery … Continue reading

IPv6 Adoption and the Chasm

In IPv6 Market Has Liftoff – Now the Hard Part Begins, Bruce Sinclair, CEO of gogo6, looks at some of the results presented on 31 July at IETF 84, which led to enthusiastic headlines about ‘skyrocketing’ IPv6. (Ahem. This blog forecast IPv6 Growth Goes Exponential on 26 July.) Sinclair takes a valuable look at the results in the light of the technology adoption cycle, and asks “Does the ‘skyrocketing’ trajectory … Continue reading

IPv6 & Business – Any Connection?

What does business have to do with IPv6 – isn’t IPv6 just a technical protocol upgrade? Isn’t the only reason to implement IPv6 the impending IPv4 exhaustion issue? Well not in my book! If IPv6 is just a technical upgrade – without any benefit to a business – then, to the manager of that business, IPv6 is just a cost without a benefit.¬†Why would any manager approve implementing such an … Continue reading