IPv6 in One Equipment Cycle?

In Exponential IPv6 Part II, I looked at the recent rise in IPv6 uptake, which appears to be in the early stages of the S-shaped technology adoption curve. This starts out slowly, rises exponentially, slows again as the technology approaches saturation, and tapers off. In a talk at the recent Australian IPv6 Summit 2012, Fred Baker showed a version of this curve (right) with some surprising observations (2.5MB pdf). He … Continue reading

Exponential IPv6, Part II

In July this year I pointed out the growth in IPv6 uptake was accelerating, as seen from the Google IPv6 stats (45% of the entire world’s Internet users visit google.com every day). Who is Using IPv6? Part II discussed the northern hemisphere ‘summer dip’ in IPv6 that seems to occur each year, and wondered how the stats would look in October. Well, here they are. Between the Australian IPv6 Summits … Continue reading

Shy Providers and IPv6

About six years ago I did an IPv6 survey for the IPv6 for e-Business Project. Part of that was a list of the IPv6 prefixes allocated at the time to Australian companies – there were 19 prefixes, with only 6 of those visible in the global routing tables. Recently (22 Aug 2012) I had another look at the APNIC IPv6 prefixes for Australia, on the excellent SixXS Ghost Route Hunter … Continue reading

IPv6 Growth Goes Exponential

We’ve all heard of the the exponential growth of the Internet. It’s been one of the fastest adopted technologies the world has ever seen. Here’s a plot of the numbers of Internet users globally over time. Currently the total doubles roughly every five years or so, e.g. one billion users in 2006, two billion in 2011. (Internet World Stats.) Given the percentage of IPv6 users is only about 0.7% – … Continue reading

Who Is Using IPv6? Part II

I’ve had some helpful feedback on the post Who Is Using IPv6?. One of the Google IPv6 researchers, Erik Kline, pointed out “from 2008 onward, the single largest deployment of IPv6 in the world was Free Telecom in France. I think part of the dip may also align with the yearly July/August French migration to vacation destinations.” Yes, I did wonder whether the IPv6 usage dip was due to workers … Continue reading

Who Is Using IPv6?

Short answer: I think it’s students. Here’s why. Google has a great graph of IPv6 usage at google.com/ipv6/statistics.html,* currently measuring about 0.74% IPv6 usage – a woefully small percentage, about 3 IPv6 users per 400 IPv4 users. Below is a screenshot for 15 July. Ignore the red and blue lines and just look at the green one, native IPv6 – clearly now the preferred form of IPv6 connectivity. See the … Continue reading