Dwindling IPv4 & the IPv6 Summit

Earlier this year I pointed out the rapidly approaching deadline for European exhaustion of new IPv4 addresses. At the time the deadline was the end of July, but due to address recovery measures it was pushed out to October. But yesterday, 14 September 2012, RIPE-NCC announced it’s hit the “final /8” of IPv4 addresses. This means it’s no longer possible to get new IPv4 addresses in Europe, the former USSR, … Continue reading

The IPv4 Exhaustion Wormhole

I’m starting to wonder if IPv4 exhaustion has opened a wormhole plunging us all back to 2008 again. Australian researchers have begun collating information from networks across the world in an attempt to figure out how many usable blocks of Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses remain unused. This would have been a good wake-up call project in 2008. ┬áThe study had already verified a couple of hundred million IP … Continue reading