What Does Success Look Like?

An excellent panel session on IPv6 was held at IETF88 (Nov 2013), on IPv6 – What Does Success Look Like? See it on YouTube (starts 3.00 mins in). The panel was moderated by Leslie Daigle, Chief Internet Technology Officer, ISOC. Panel members were John Brzozowski from Comcast Cable, Erik Nordmark from Arista Networks, and Chris Palmer from Microsoft. IPv6Now’s Professional Services Manager Michael Biber has provided this summary: LD: Good … Continue reading

Exponential IPv6, Part II

In July this year I pointed out the growth in IPv6 uptake was accelerating, as seen from the Google IPv6 stats (45% of the entire world’s Internet users visit google.com every day). Who is Using IPv6? Part II discussed the northern hemisphere ‘summer dip’ in IPv6 that seems to occur each year, and wondered how the stats would look in October. Well, here they are. Between the Australian IPv6 Summits … Continue reading