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IPv6 Forum Australia, also known as IPv6 Forum Downunder, is the Australian chapter of the global IPv6Forum.

The IPv6 Historic Timeline: a table of significant milestones in IPv6 history, both international and Australian, has been compiled by Michael Biber. If you know of relevant additions or amendments, please email the dates, events and references to mbiber(at)ipv6forum.org.au.

Since 2001, IPv6 Forum Australia has been a force for local IPv6 development. It has supported major events and projects, including the annual IPv6 Summits and the pioneering Australian study 'IPv6 for e-Business'.

IPv6 Forum Australia has been engaged with international IPv6 discussion since 2000, in both the global IPv6 Forum and other Internet bodies, such as the IPv6 Special Interest Group (IPv6-SIG) of the Internet Society of Australia.

Throught the IPv6-SIG there have been long-term discussions with AGIMO and the Australian Government, resulting in the earliest comprehensive IPv6 transition plan for a national government, copied around the world.

The IPv6-SIG helped clarify the National ICT Industry Alliance's 10-year strategic vision, in which the early adoption of IPv6 was identified as an issue that should be a government priority.

IPv6 Forum Australia was also a founding member of the committee for the Australian IPv6 Summit, a major step forward in raising local awareness of the importance of IPv6.

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Please contact Michael Biber, President of IPv6 Forum Australia, for more information:
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