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The IPv6 for e-Business Project

IPv6 for e-Business was a groundbreaking IPv6 study (July 2006-April 2007) which mapped, developed business tools, raised awareness and assessed readiness for Internet Protocol version 6.
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The Project had four aspects:
  • Mapping: documenting Australian services, software and technologies using IPv6 as of July 2006.
  • Enabling: business models, checklists and tools to enable Australian businesses to easily adopt IPv6, including the Easy Access Device.
  • Awareness: promoting, providing information and holding workshops, to build broad awareness of IPv6 opportunities.
  • Infrastructure: to assess infrastructure support for applications with the IPv6-ready .au Registry testbed.
IPv6 for e-Business Consortium

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The IPv6 for e-Business project was supported by the Australian Government through the Information Technology Online (ITOL) Program of DCITA, now Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.