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IPv6 Testbed Network

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the foundation of the next generation of Internet technology. It will allow the continuing growth of the Internet after the current range of IPv4 addresses start to run out in 2011. IPv6 also has the potential to foster innovation through its integrated and powerful features, such as near-unlimited addresses, better management, mobility and security.

What is VIC6?

VIC6 is a testbed network for experiencing and examining the IPv6 protocol, remotely or locally at VIC6 nodes. You can test IPv6 on hardware, software or network applications. The 2009 project had four phases: construction, then demonstration with three fundamental industry sectors - health, financial and automotive.
From 2010, VIC6 is operational and available for industry, academic, government and business IPv6 testing in Victoria or throughout Australia.

The Australian IPv6 Newsletter, The Standard, is now available!
Regular contents include information on IPv6 activities both in Australia and internationally, the VIC6 project, conference reports, opinion pieces, technical discussions, and the latest snippets from the IPv6 world. More information and downloads of previous editions here.